Wirksworth Softwood Logs

We provide Softwood Logs in Wirksworth. Softwood tends to be a lower density than hardwood (i.e. the same size log will be lighter). Because of this, softwood burns faster and is easier to light. So if you are looking for a fire that is easy to start and burns quickly, Wirksworth softwood logs are your best bet. However, hardwood burns hotter and for longer, relying on cheaper softwood is a false economy but it is useful to get the fire started. You can also mix it with hardwood to keep your fire going.

Our Wirksworth softwood logs are cut and split for you to use straight away, we deliver free of charge and will even stack them for you.

Softwood Logs

Softwood Logs Wirksworth

Softwood Bulk Bag

Our Softwood Logs delivered in dumpy builders bags are ideal for wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves and traditional open fires. These softwood logs can be used either on their own or with our other range of solid fuel items. Ideal for getting a fire started and mixing with other fuels to keep your fire going.

Price £75

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Wirksworth Softwood Logs Stacking

Stacking Service

Let us do the Logging about. We will happily stack your Softwood logs for you.

Price £20 per bag